comming januaryl

the team


we are a bunch of different people, from a range of places. some of us worked outside denmark. but we are all joined by our love of food.


the vision


the vision was to create a asian inspired restaurant with a Space for everyone. a place were you would like to be, a place we were you can be youreself or together wirh that special one.


contemporary interpretations of asian inspired food

ramen & bao bar

asian inspired food

in the center of copenhagen


ferment is an asian inspired restaurant in downtown Copenhagen, the old latinn quarter.

everything is handmade from local Danish produce if possible. .



the noodles are handmade with organic Danish flour with a minimum of cemicals. our noodles are a bit more rustic in flavour. we believe that suits the Nordic culture



the hearth in our ramen, has been cooking more or less since the day we opened. it consists of a range of Things, both fish, bird and pork are amongst these..



always organic and always Danish.

we use pork neck, we believe that this cut has the right amount of fat and meat. . .



the baos are steamed, and made with all Danish produce. we make them in hand, and they are served with different stuffing. kimchi and salted cucumber are in them all.

who are we & and why are we


ferment is based on an idea of creating a place to have dinner, thats not to fancy, a place were you would like to come more times a week, sometimes with a friend sometimes all alone. we want to make baos and ramen in our own way, our own style of food. everything schould be made by hand, and taste the way we would like it our selfes. an European version of the asian kitchen if you like.and yes, like the restaurant name suggest, we like to ferment and pickle, as a guest here you will try a different range of these. we Work close together with the Danish stop wasting food movement, "det runde bord" (the round table)

we do often introduce new versions of food as well as other food related items. we are curently the only wendor of the hong kong based magazzine "the Cleaver." so do come pick up youre copy



we pick our beer with great care, we do not only serve asian beers but beers we like to drink our selfes.

sake & umeshu


also here everything is choosen with care, sometimes we have a bigger choice than other times. we try to have a wide range of flavour profiles.



tea are a great sience, and something you can always learn more about. we have a rather big advanced selection. we do however also have a couple of sure fire hits for those not so special days.


åbnings tider


fredag og lørdag 12 - 15

eller ved nærmere aftale


tirsdag til torsdag 17.00 - 21

fredag til lørdag 17.00 - 22

for daglige ændringer check vores facebook profil



studiestrædet 18 kld 1255 cph k

dk - denmark


+00 (45) 5379 7077

bord resevation helst online. sorry

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