contemporary interpretations of asian inspired food

at ferment, everything we do, is only based on asian foods.

We are not a authentic chinesse or japanese restaurant.

 We ”find inspirations in everything” as sir paul smith would say.

We cook the food we like to eat. We serve the drinks and beers that we like to drink.

We listen to the music we like to hear.

We do not follow trends.

We do have public wifi, but the passkey is very long, you are welcome to have it.  We do however suggest that you instead sit down, enjoy the food, and talk together. who knows the guest next to you might have something interesting to say. and then check that instagram feed when youre at home.

studiestæde 18 kld - 1455 kbh k - dk danmark


tlf:+45  5379 7077

cvr. 33030126