t is possible to take everything home and have your party in the comfort of the house. We are specialist in catering and did a lot of different stuff during the last many years. 

An art opening with up to 500 guests? no problem 

A special day at the garden – and just feel like having a paella or some other special food? Not to worry, give us a call. 

We catered everything from international art openings to music venues down to the smallest private cozy garden party. 

It other words we got you covered in all aspects of your future party. 

Quality takes time !

ferment is a zerowaste restaurant, we do not have a lot of extra food lying around, everything is made fresh and for your party. please give us atleast 48hours before any events. this will insure you the freshest most tasty food.

Taylor made for your party

at ferment, we have a range of experience, from streetfood to michelin food. that is why, that we can almost offer everything. give us a call or mail, and we will make your party your own unique one. anything is possible

A neighborhood experience

at ferment we treassure our community, the special streets where we are. but during this special time it is hard. so please share and tell your friends.