contemporary interpretations of asian inspired food SINCE 2015

tirsdag til lørdag 17 - 21 studiestræde 18kld - 1455 kbh k  tlf 5379 - 7077 hej@ferment.dk

at ferment we can now offer.

a private dinning room. we can seat 25 in one room or a party of 35 in to combined rooms, they are seperated from the main dinning room. hence you can have your meeting or presentation there, even during the restaurant normal opening hours. 

the room can be used outside the restaurant normal opening hours.

the room(s) can be used for meetings, business presentations or private art shows. 

for arts shows, contact us for avalabily and seperate rules for shows, running time, comision and so on. 

private party minimum is 10 guests or 3000dkr. 

for afternoon events we can offer teas, coffee, snacks and foods, the food can also include non asian inspired food like sandwiches and such. 

we can be helpfull to provide everything in av. 

call or mail us for questions and avalability.