At ferment we are inspired by the metropolitan cities around the world.We started in 2015, when hardly no one knew what fermentation is, and the handmade noodle was almost non exciting here in Copenhagen. 

We wanted to do a straight ramen restaurant but got excited by the possibilities in our neighborhood and just kept on evolving into what we are now, and who knows where this way of thinking will take us. 

We are in the center of Copenhagen, near Strøget (the walking street) and city hall. The area is called friendly called “Pisserenden” or the Copenhagen Latin quarters. We love the area and the small community we have here with fellow shopkeepers and inhabitant alike. We could keep on telling you stories about these streets, so much happened during the years, and many books has been written about this special area.If you think about soho in London, you are not that far off. 

We are not an Asian restaurant, nor a Japanese or a Chinese. We are inspired by everything and nothing, we do the things we like to eat and drink. In other words, we do not follow any trends, or as Sir Paul Smith would say “you can find inspiration in everything!” 

We do everything by hand, except miso, soy, and rice paper. We do this because this, because this is the way we were taught and not because it is the smart thing to do. No! it is the right thing to do. 

We always have a lot of new ideas and things working, so please do ask us if you have the slightest question about the food. And please also tell us if you do not like it, or even better tell us when you do. 

We constantly try and evolve and do something new, ceramics, new fermentations, new dishes, 

new drinks and so on. In other words, ferment is; as fermentation is; a living place.


What is fermentation. 

As the name suggest, we do a lot of fermentation, and are everyday ready with fermented drinks to go along with your food – these drinks constantly change and evolve sometimes they are almost classic, sometimes they are very experimental, but do give them a try next time you are here. 

Fermentation is not a new thing, far from it. It is the idea of changing some produce (taste) into something different, in some cases changing something into something consumable. It is also the way you can store food for a longer time, just like pickling (which we also do a lot of) 

We like this idea and excited about the possibilities it gives us in the food and drinks, and as a added bonus it keeps our food waste down to a minimum, 

What is food waste? And how do we stop it.

We work closely together with a company to reduce food waste; not that there are any here, this company use some of our ideas and ways to do things. Just ask us if you want to know more about this subject. This company feeds homeless, addicts and other souls that have a hard time. Not the local student or people that just want to save a bit, this is right up our alley, and the same way we think. We try to make a difference where we can. All bootless are collected by our good friend, and he uses the money from this to feed his family, himself, and his friends. 

We use everything we can. Kombucha of fermented corn husk? Why not? Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But we live to learn and will keep on exploring no matter what.