the rooms & atmosphere

The private Nordic

Second room, is our Nordic inspired dining room, here is just one big tables that can seat up to 10 guests, this room is mostly used for bigger parties or just as a semi private room, where you can sit and enjoy your company and the foods of ferment. The décor in this room is mostly ceramics and Nordic inspired contemporary art works. This is the room where also can have you small business meeting, or just a cozy undisturbed time with friends. 

The restaurant. 

Walking through the bar, the private room you will be greeted by the big painting by danish cobra artist Kurt Børge (can you spot the horse?) this is our main dining room, and works as a normal contemporary restaurant, you will be seated next to other dinners in a comfortable space, with plenty of room for a bit of privacy. This room is our version of a regular restaurant. 

Private events. 

At ferment we do like to private ferment. We can cater private events down to 6 guests (you will be seated in the private Nordic room, when you are less than 10guests) so do keep in mind that some guests will pass your table. 

If the event calls for a totally private atmosphere, do contact us about the possibilities about this. We will be helpful with everything, and if you have special needs, video screens or so. Let us know then we will assist you getting this. Contac us on mail or per phone. 

Ferment the place and the rooms.

Ferment consists of 3 totally different dining rooms.

The bar

When you enter to the front door, you will be greeted by our black dinning bar and you will be entering directly into the bar where you can watch the kitchen at work. This room consist of 2 high tables and a seating bar. This is where we prefer to serve our tasting menu, the chef will usually come and serve you some of the dishes and explain the thought behind the dish. This room is also meant to be our working bar, so do drop in and take a seat and a cold cocktail, wine or just a beer. The room is living, and you can hear the sounds from the chef working, this is part of the experience in this room