the rooms & atmosphere

ferment consists of three different dinning rooms, when you enter you go into the original ferment, the more street food urban city style place, here you have a view to the open kitchen, where you can observe the chefs cooking the food that you are about to enjoy. this area in the restaurant is the loud and busy area of the restaurant, here you will most likely be meet by regulars of the restaurant. 

want more peace and more like a regular dinnings expereience, ask to be seated at the new part of the restaurant, here you will be placed in nordic chairs, and will have you own table. feel free to bring your loved one here, a new date, a sister, a dear friends etc. the food is the same, just the atmosphere is changed a bit. the two new rooms, will feature new art works from different local artist. 


private dinning & events.

need your own space, for a product release, pressenting a new book, a new art piece or just a friendly get together. 

ferment is the place, we can shit down one of our dinningrooms, and give you youre own private entrance,

everything will be just like in the restaurant, same style of food same drinks, same friendly staff.

the only different is that you are the host, it is your party. contact us for information about this.

for private events ferment is ofcourse avalaible in all hours of the day.